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TOP 5: Funky Finds at Jashanmal Home

TOP 5: Funky Finds at Jashanmal Home

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Hey, #JashanmalFam!👋 We're very excited to feature our “TOP 5” favorite products from our department store. We’re starting off with all things fun and funky to give your desk some jazz!

If you love trendy and themed notebooks, pens, tumblers, and even totes –perfect, we’ve got you covered! All our stores have an island of well-curated stationery and desk accessories for everyone. All in the name of #aesthetics.💁

Here are some items worth adding to your next shopping list:

1. LOQI Tote Bag


LOQI Vincent Van Gogh Tote Bag (75 AED)


Carry your passion for the arts with this Vincent Van Gogh tote bag from LOQI. This eco-friendly, washable, and reusable bag can fit in all your essentials – perfect for those on-the-go (a.k.a those who basically throw everything in the bag and go).🤭 The best part is, it can be folded into a small pouch which will easily fit in your handbag.

 2. Ban.Do Tumbler


Ban.Do Optimism Tumbler (105 AED)


If you can't get enough of stylish tumblers, grab one of our insulated tumblers from Ban.Do. This one can instantly give you all the positive #feels 🌈, especially when it’s filled with your fave drink – whether hot or cold.😎


3. Ban.Do Notebook 


Ban.Do Rough Draft Notebook (65 AED)

Creative ideas come to life when pen and paper collide, yaaaasss? The Ban.Do Rough Draft Notebook is lined to keep your notes organized. It’s also perforated so you can neatly tear a page.👌


4. Ban.Do Pen Sets


Ban.Do Gel Pen Set (65 AED), Ban.Do Write On Pen Set (75 AED)

The Ban.Do Gel Pen Set comes in six bright and rainbow colors to breathe new life 💨 to every page of your notebook, journal, or planner.

For your next meeting, jot down important notes with this Ban.Do Write On Pen Set. The set comes in three black ballpoint pens with different designs – plain, checkered, and floral.


5. LOQI Zip Pockets


LOQI Zip Pockets (95 AED)


If you like all your things organized, then this LOQI Zip Pockets is right up your alley. It comes in three sizes to hold all your things in place – from stationery to travel accessories. Bonus: LOQI collaborates with different artists to create unique and stylish designs for all the artsy at heart.

Visit one of our Jashanmal Home stores to see our wide selection of stationery and other funky finds! Don’t leave the store empty handed, score your favorite ones with our discount code below:


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