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Travel Smarter: The Ultimate Carry-On Packing List + Tips

Travel Smarter: The Ultimate Carry-On Packing List + Tips

Here’s a complete carry-on travel packing list for business travellers, parents flying with their baby, and those with long layovers and long-haul flights.

Packing light is always a good idea – whether you’re hopping on a 1-hour or 12-hour flight. However, it entails a bit of preparation especially if you’re planning to travel with your carry-on only. Some consider themselves as a legit pro when it comes to travelling light. But let’s all agree that at one point in our lives, we realized that we forgot our toothbrush, flip-flops, or sunscreen (!!!) while gazing out of the airplane window.

To help you pack your carry-on without having to worry about leaving something behind, we’ve prepared packing tips and a checklist for you! What we’re gonna give you are THE BASICS which (believe us or not) are commonly forgotten.



1. Prepare all your essentials first.

Ensure you have these in your travel pouch – passport, travel documents, itineraries, and bookings. It’s better to keep them together, so you can easily pull everything out in case you need to show it at the airport. Bring pens to fill out cards and forms.

 2. Download apps ahead of time.

Before leaving home, make sure you’ve downloaded your fave travel apps – translation, navigation, and currency conversion. This is one less thing to worry about especially when you need to use it, pronto.

3. Check your wallet and keys.

Check if you’re carrying your debit card, credit card, and some cash inside your wallet too. BTW, have you called your bank to inform them that you’re travelling? Make sure to give them a call before flying out to avoid getting your credit card blocked abroad. And oh, don’t forget your house keys. You don’t wanna come back and wait for ages outside your door, amirite?

4. Keep soft copies of your documents.

Save copies of your passport, travel documents, itineraries, bookings, and card details on your email. In case your wallet or original documents get lost, you have back-ups.

5. Pack your entertainment buddies.

Do you enjoy reading a newly purchased book during a flight? Do you love catching up on your fave series to keep boredom at bay? Whatever keeps you chill on the flight, include it in your packing list. Make sure all your gadgets are charged up, especially if you have a long layover. Before packing, ask yourself if you’re really gonna use it. If you’re not going on a business trip, do you really need to bring your laptop? Or can you use your tablet and phone instead? This can save some space and make your baggage a bit lighter too!

6. Buy an international adapter plug.

Keep all your gadgets charged by purchasing a plug that can work wherever you go. You don’t want to end up not capturing those IG-worthy places.

7. Create a capsule wardrobe. 

This means bringing smaller quantity of clothes, shoes, and accessories that can easily be mixed and matched. So, think of bringing only your basics. Once you sort that out, use packing cubes to keep your clothes organized and compressed inside your carry-on! If you wanna learn different ways of using packing cubes – YouTube is key. You’re welcome.

8. Pack your own toiletry bag.

Always bring your personal toiletry bag, especially if you’re gonna have a long layover in between. Just make sure all liquids are in 100ml (or less) containers and total won’t exceed one litre. Double check with an airport or airline staff in case there are other measures that need to be taken into consideration.

9. Get comfortable during the flight.

As soon as you get to your seat, relax to set the stage for zzz. Make yourself more comfortable and throw in the dream team: eye mask, ear plugs, and travel pillow. If you easily get disturbed by your surroundings, a noise-cancelling headphone is all you need. You can easily doze off or concentrate in what you’re watching.

10. Create a travel packing list.

Whether you have a week’s worth to prepare or not, planning ahead and having a checklist can minimize your stress. Don’t know where to start? Scroll down, we gotchuuuu.

We have four packing lists below:

All these lists are downloadable – press, hold, and save it on your phone for future reference!

1. Travellers with Long Layovers and Long-Haul Flights

We understand the agony of sitting waaaaay too long in a flight or waiting for your connecting flight. Here’s your checklist:


2. Business Travellers (Men and Women)

Flying out in the morning for a meeting and returning in the evening? Attending a conference for a few days in another country? We have two lists for women and men respectively.

For female business travellers, here’s your checklist:

For male business travellers, download this checklist:


3. Parents travelling with their baby

Taking your baby with you during a flight can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time! Before anything else, book ahead of time and request for a seat which works to your advantage. If you’re a breastfeeding mum, choose a window seat to have more privacy. If you’d like to take advantage of the airline’s baby bassinet, request for one right away and book one of the front seats after the cabin divider. It’s more spacious and you’ll most likely be seated next to other parents carrying their babies too. So, in case your baby cries, your neighbors will most likely be more understanding and helpful.

Here’s your baby's checklist:

We’d love to hear from you! What’s your major must-have whenever you travel? Share in the comment section below!

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Sumaya Imran - October 20, 2019

Here are my must have /carry on essentials whenever I travel
Passport. Access to money.
Copy of your itinerary/return flights/hotel address..
Medication. Pen 🖋
Phone/Computer/Book/Entertainment. …
Charger – both USB and plug. … Clothing for 2 days. Instagram handle @sum_aya786

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