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De’Longhi | Coffee Machines and Home Appliances

De’Longhi is the epitome of style and performance. From a long tradition of outstanding products, the brand never fails to give its customers an authentic Italian experience. From De’Longhi coffee machines, kitchen appliances, and air treatments such as purifiers, each product was made with quality craftsmanship and customer comfort in mind.

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De'Longhi Primadonna Elite Fully Automatic Coffee Machine
AED 9,999

 De'Longhi Dedica Pump Espresso Coffee Machine with KG79 Coffee Grinder
AED 999

De'Longhi Coffee Machine
AED 734

De'Longhi Automatic Coffee Machine
AED 1,599 

De’Longhi coffee makers are the brand’s prime products. Whether you want your coffee to be black or frothed, the wide range of coffee machines gives you a ton of options based on your needs. Check De’Longhi coffee grinders and machines here.

Nothing like De’Longhi Coffee Machines

All you need is a cup of coffee – for an instant morning boost, midday pick-me-up, and evening roundup. One can never run out of reasons to have a dose of deliciously made coffee throughout the day. Turn freshly ground beans to the best coffee and milk-based drinks with any of the De’Longhi fully automatic coffee machine. Choose from rich, intense, or velvet-smooth cappuccino when you create your coffee with a De’Longhi pump espresso. Finish it off with a latte art, just like a barista. Discover the range of De’Longhi coffee in UAE.

Fill your kitchen with De’Longhi Appliances

The brand is committed to fill homes with appliances to make routines easier and more comfortable. With its promising quality, distinct style and innovation, De’Longhi products have enhanced the lives of customers around the world. See the range of kitchen appliances in Dubai and Abu Dhabi here.

Healthier air with De’Longhi Purifiers


Maintaining a healthy airspace inside every home is important, especially if one of your family members have asthma or allergies. To help breathe better and get rid of certain airborne toxins, De’Longhi offers air purifiers to improve home environment and maximise comfort.


Founded in 1902 and incorporated in 1950, De’Longhi started as a spare workshop in Treviso, Italy.  With the brand’s commitment to develop products that are both innovative and stylish, it created outstanding products for everyday use – from cleaning, cooking, and purifying the air in every home. Today, it continues to expand on a global scale with the desire to bring utmost convenience into the lives of customers.



Channel your inner barista with De’Longhi La Specialista. Serving traditional Italian coffee experience, it combines design, versatility, and performance. Craft your flavoursome coffee version with your choice of freshly ground coffee and fresh milk. From espresso to milky coffee drinks, experimenting and finding the perfect and authentic taste has never been this exciting. See all De’Longhi coffee machine range in UAE.



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