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GROHE | Bathroom Solutions and Kitchen Fittings

GROHE is a global brand known for its wide range of exceptional bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. The brand is based on German engineering with excellent quality and innovative design that give a new dimension of customer experience in every home. With its core brand values, GROHE continues to build a wider connection with its customers through their innovative products. Each one proudly bears a German seal of quality – perfected at every stage. From conceptualizing new products to providing excellent customer experience, the brand ensures high quality from start to finish.

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Grohe Essence Professional Mechanical Mixer Hose Spout
AED 749

Grohe Sensia Arena Shower Toilet
AED 5,549

Grohe Minta Touch L Spout Pullout Spray Sink Mixer
AED 1,205

Grohe Sense Kit Smart Leakage Stopper And Smart Water Sensors
AED 1,749 


Whatever bathroom or kitchen design you have in mind, it’s important to find the perfect balance between form and function. For decades, GROHE has been producing only the best line of products that are both visually appealing and technologically advanced. Check the prices of GROHE Dubai and GROHE Abu Dhabi, UAE.

German Engineering

Each product goes through stringent quality control – from design, production, to customer service. Internal tests and external certification processes are done to ensure perfection at all costs. With these strict quality tests in place, the brand achieves complete confidence from its customers. Check GROHE shataff and other products.


Technological Innovation

Decades of research and development have made GROHE a leading brand in its industry. Through technological innovations, the brand has provided smart solutions to take customer experience in a whole new level. Check available Grohe bathroom products in UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Signature Design


Along with its promise of quality and technology, the brand is also committed to produce inspiring and timeless designs that are functional. With the vision of enhancing customer experience in mind, the German brand develops bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings that are both ergonomic and visually distinctive. This has resulted in GROHE bagging numerous design awards that recognize the brand as a catalyst of change in its industry.

Environmental Commitment

Sustainability is one of the integral pillars of the brand. The team demonstrates its commitment to save the planet by providing cost-effective solutions that ensure water wastage is minimised. Check GROHE Dubai prices here.


GROHE was founded by Friedrich Grohe in Düsseldorf, Germany. It started as a ferric hardware factory in 1911. A few years after, the company started with sanitary faucets in 1936 and the rest is history.

From bathroom solutions to kitchen fittings, it continues to lead in its industry worldwide. From GROHE shower mixers, shattafs, and other accessories, the brand ensures every product is ergonomically designed to enhance everyone’s personal experience. 

FACT: GROHE earned a spot in Fortune magazine’s “Change the World” ranking list in 2017 – the only German company in its industry to be included as one of the global companies that demonstrate positive impact in the society.

With quality, technology, design, and sustainability in mind, nothing compares to GROHE’s vision for the present and future. Each product is meticulously designed to seamlessly fit any style and built to last for the generations to come. Discover products of GROHE in Dubai.


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