About Us

We were founded in 1919 by the late Rao Sahib Jashanmal in Basra, Iraq as an English bookshop catering to the British Armed Forces and expat residents. The early years saw us transforming from a general store to a department store. Jashanmal has made its mark as a pioneer of retailing in the Gulf and the first department store chain in the Middle East. From a single store in Iraq, we started our expansion into Kuwait and Bahrain circa 1935, and into the UAE in 1956.

Today, we offer more than a 100 internationally curated brands and 30+ exclusive labels that have a rich history behind their names. We have a wide selection of premium and high-quality gifts, home accessories & appliances, bed & bath, kitchen & cookware, and tableware to beautify every home. For stress-free journeys, we offer luggage, bags, and travel accessories to keep all your things organized. In certain markets, we also have fashion, beauty, and footwear to refresh your wardrobe.

At Jashanmal, we are committed to building everlasting relationships with our customers and offer a bespoke, premium shopping experience. Our teams are highly trained to find the best products suited just for you.

We are a team of extraordinarily talented individuals from different parts of the world who share a passion in delivering top-notch lifestyle products and service to our shoppers. 

We started as a family business committed to improving the quality of life for our customers.  This is in essence the heart of our commitment and DNA.